These classes and more get covered in my 6 week online class SPIRITUAL SEEKERS 101.

Do you identify as an Empath?
Are you looking for a community of like-minds?

Come gather with others who consider themselves to be Empaths and are also on a Spiritual Journey. We will discuss what it means to be an Empath. You will gain some awareness and it will offer you an open forum and a safe space to share with others like you.

Join us!

TBD / 7-9pm / $20

TBD / 7-9pm

Are you sensitive to energy? 

Do you identify as an "empath"?

Come learn techniques to help keep yourself clear, grounded and protected from absorbing other people's energy with Reiki Master Teacher/Energy Healer Karen Foote. Connect with fellow sensitive and tuned in folks and learn some valuable advice to help protect you as the empath that you are. 

Register to hold your spot, limited space available.
All participants will receive a variety of stones that help support energy clearing/grounding and will also create their own custom energy clearing spray. $40