While at the dentist...

Laying back in the dentist chair is the ultimate resignation of power and control.  You might as well just zone out and relax, release and not be attached... better to not resist.  While in that state of allowing, I've (unintentionally!) opened up different information regarding my dentist.  The first time I picked up on an ancestor of his.  I saw what looked like an older (from early 1900s or so) Polish (?) woman w/ hair braided and circled plop on top of her head.  I didn't even ask any questions or get info from her, but did get a particular name (can't remember now, but feel like it was Helena or Helvetica or something).  I kinda just saw her (in my mind's eye) and figured she was his grandma or something.  She seemed like a tough, hard worker from Eastern Europe.  Afterward I asked him if this image & name fit someone in his family, namely his grandmother.  He said it could be, that he didn't have any real info about her~ but his wife said that sounds like her and it was the time period as well as region that she was from.  

The next dental appointment I had (or maybe it was 2 times later?) I got in that open and allowing state just as a way to deal w/ the appointment and again my mind drifted and I "saw" my dentist as a Civil War surgeon- hacking (heavily w/ a cleaver or something) the limbs off of a wounded soldier under a very open, breezy tent.  I told him afterward that I got this "glimpse" of a possible past life of his.  He was impressed and said that it sounded fitting... he said that the reason he chose dentistry over being an MD was because he knew he couldn't handle seeing severely hurt people dying.  Perhaps he couldn't handle it in this life b/c he'd been so shell shocked in a previous one.  A lot of times they say that we choose a specific "role" again and again, from life to life.  He was a doctor/surgeon and now a dentist and who knows what since way back!  I believe I've lived many lives as a healer of various sorts... even some where I've been put to death for my abilities and insights!  Thank goodness we are no longer in the dark ages! Phew! :)

This is such a fun topic to explore and I find all this so fascinating... I'm certain I'm not the only one.  At least I know my dentist and his wife do! ;)  Who knew that going to the dentist could be so enlightening?   :)