Been a few years....

So I've decided to start up my blog again. I was able to transfer it over from it's former home to here on my website. I started it as a creative outlet back in 2011. Its purpose was to chronicle my Spiritual Journey as it was in it's infancy, or perhaps toddlerhood by that point. If you have any questions of my past and how I ended up on this path, feel free to go back and read my early posts. There's quite a few. :) 

At this point in time my business REBALANCE is two years old... I'm super happy to be doing the work that I love to do and that I get to be my own boss, too. I never used to think of myself as a workaholic or a perfectionist-- I still sort of don't... but when it comes to running a business of your own you realize how things have to be a certain way and how you like to control such things. lol. So it seems only natural that I am my own boss and I get to decide all aspects of my business. I never thought of myself as an Entrepreneur either. Ever. That is until I was asked during an interview if I'd had entrepreneurial tendencies throughout my life... upon consideration of that question I realized that I really had had those tendencies all along. I just never labeled it as such. I used to play "Karen's Cafe" with my mom, I'd create a menu then take her order, go make it, then give her a receipt. I also liked to play "store" with my BFF. Would label and price tag items and would create forms to fill out-- for fun! How crazy is that?! I also used to make my own math quizzes (then take them!) and would also be the teacher who would then grade the papers. So I guess in retrospect it seems obvious, but if you would've asked me what I wanted to do or be when I grew up as a child I would've shrugged. I was accused of being bossy quite a bit so I guess it makes sense that I ended up running my own business and becoming my own boss. lol  

I look forward to keeping up with a blog again... I plan to share little bits and pieces of what my days and healing sessions entail. I love the work that I do and the experiences I have-- my clients will remain anonymous of course, but I will share some of the really cool things that I encounter. Nothing short of magic and miracles occur daily and I never take them for granted. The stories float through my head from time to time and I may share them with friends or family, but even better that I can record them and share them here with you all. Always fascinating and always grateful. :)  Thanks for your interest in joining me here on this ride of mine.  

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