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Sunday, Nov 10 / 11am - 3pm

Westwood Community center

55 Jefferson Ave, westwood NJ 07675

contact Karen for more details: / 201.937.8927

Join us for some spiritual inspiration!

We will have gifted healers and readers, along with crystals for sale from 11-3. $5 cash to enter

Pre-registration required for Aura Photography sessions, Color Light Healing and the Angel Circle.

It is suggested that you reach directly to the rest of the healers and readers if you’d like an appointment slot held, otherwise first come, first serve. Payment in cash only.



Bev’s Serenity Space will be providing you with a unique blend of Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and Crystal Light Therapy all intended to clear and enhance the body’s energy centers allowing energy to flow freely through the body which enhances calm and relaxation, reduces stress and promotes deep healing on a cellular level.

Bev will have a Crystal Light bed with Amethyst. BioMat Pillow is a complete chromotherapy pure wave technology Light Bar using 7 Quartz Vogel crystals for Dynamic Chakra Synchronization. A powerful light bath which removes blocks, cleanses, balances, aligns and allows for Highest Vibrational Healing

Individual Healing Treatments Available: 30 mins/ $75

Please arrive 15 mins prior to your session time.


About Beverly Springer

Beverly  is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Beverly’s passion for healing as a nurse led her onto her journey into energy healing. While being a nurse to a young patient she was guided to the mother of that patient who was a Reiki Master herself and said the words that changed the direction of and richly enhanced Beverly’s life…“You are more than just a nurse, you are a true healer, let me teach you!” Those words changed her life as she was led down the path of energy healing.

Beverly believes that complete healing begins on a deep cellular and spiritual level where mind body and spirit combine to create a true harmonic peaceful space for complete healing to occur. She incorporates and combines all her wonderful gifts of Meditation, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Crystal Light Therapy, Crystal Healing and energy healing via Reiki and Pranic healing techniques to create a beautiful experience to foster healing of body mind and spirit.


BARBARA - Aura PhotograpHy


Aura Face Photo, Energy Graph, Chakra Print and Intuitive Analysis $35

Energy Field Photographs - Biofeedback technology measures and displays your aura and chakra activity to give you a deeper understanding of how your mind, body and emotions affect your spirit.  Aura face photo, chakra print and energy graph with intuitive analysis (845) 684-5061

Barbara has worked and studied in the field of metaphysical science and energy dynamics since 1976.  She uses biofeedback technology to measure vibrational frequency from the hands to do aura and chakra analysis and she deciphers the lines etched on hands to decode the individuals souls agenda.



Everyone is welcome and we hope you join us for our fun and interactive Angel Circle where we receive healing, guidance and energy alignment, we clear blocks and release stress. The Angels know exactly what we need. Come learn about the Angels and feel their Blessings !

Maura Bertotti is an Angel Channeler and owner of Sapphire Holistic Center in Bradley Beach. She has decades of experience with the Spirit world and has a FUN and very much down to earth approach to connecting us all to it. We are so honored and excited to have her! :)

This event requires pre-registration which will hold your spot. Payment due day of: $30

After the “Rebalance Retreat” has concluded, those with tickets are invited to stay. We have a limit of 50 ppl so register early to secure your spot! Angel circle will begin at 4pm.


Adrienne Gammal.JPG

Healing Crystals & Gemstone Jewelry with Adrienne Gammal

Learn, Shop and Have Fun! Adrienne will be available to answer any questions you may have about Crystals. She will have a beautiful selection of Crystals available for purchase, all shapes and sizes including a selection of crystal jewelry, Chakra healing bracelets, pendants, Intention Candles and Energy Sprays. 

Adrienne Gammal is an Advanced Certified Crystal Master Teacher and Healer for over 25 years, serving the community with Crystal Knowledge and Top Quality Healing Crystals. She is also a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and her latest passion is working with the Chakra System to bring a sense of wholeness in order to connect body, mind and spirit more fully.


The following readers and healers will be available for walk-in sessions, but if you’d like to secure an appointment, it is recommended that you book directly with them in advance




Elizabeth Marcus is an Angel and Intuitive reader. She is a Certified Angel Quest practitioner and a graduate of the Priestess Rising initiate program. Elizabeth feels that connecting with the Divine in us is essential for our healing

$20 for 15 minutes


Anna McGeough- Healer


Anna has been an Usui & White light Reiki Master since 2004 and an IET Master since 2003. She is also an Empathic Intuitive with Clairsentience, Claircognizance with some Clairaudience sprinkled in which means is that she has the ability of picking up someone else's feelings. 

She will be providing Energy Healing along with Oracle card readings to provide guidance, support and what you need to know at this point of your journey.

 15 min for $30. 10 min of energy work w/ last 5 mins pulling a guidance card at the end.

Contact to set up your session: (201) 424-9272 /

*Anna also creates moon charged energy sprays infused with gemstone & essential oils to assist in clearing & maintaining energy frequencies of forgiveness, protection, acceptance, harmony & courage and will have them available for sale as well. 



With over 25 years experience as a licensed massage therapist/healer/skin care therapist, Nancy finds the most joy in her practice being a Certified Angel Card reader. Connecting with your Angels and receiving messages from them can bring ease to your mind, can have you looking forward to things to come and a general sense of direction.


10 minute sessions $20

20 minute sessions $40

Contact to set up your session: / (201) 323.1218


GIGI - Reader

Gigi Tarot.jpg

Gigi has been providing intuitive guidance and life coaching for several years, having developed these gifts since early childhood. She has attended numerous spiritual development workshops, such as Reiki 1 and Spiritual Seekers 101 with Karen Foote at Rebalance Reiki, Tarot and Psychic Development Omega Wellness Institute. Gigi has been expanding her intuitive gifts by employing several forms of divination as part of her intuitive approach, including tarot and oracle reading, clairvoyance, charm divination and tasseography. In very limited cases, where a particularly compelling spiritual and/or health message needs to be conveyed, she has also recently been able to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, and to serve as a medical medium. Gigi is an approved reader of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey (as Regina), has served as a consultant for literary agents and authors of tarot books, and has read at various metaphysical fairs. She has taught classes in tarot as a divination tool with Rebalance Reiki and Araya Rebirth, and provides readings for private parties, conferences, and special consultations. Her advice is designed to positively empower you toward living your best life, and to complement (never replace) other aspects of professional advice that may be appropriate such as legal, medical, psychological, and financial.


10 mins/ $30

Contact to set up your session:


Darrilyn Pic.JPG

Darrilyn Di Nardo, owner of The Reiki Healing & Bodywork Studio, LLC, is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her positive attitude along with her compassion and intuition enables her to offer a professional, nurturing, individualized approach to healing and guidance. Working from the belief that every individual is an expert in their own lives and healing; Darrilyn empowers clients to gently reconnect to their inner guidance and unlock their unique qualities, skills and coping strengths to their full capacity for healing and personal change.


20 mins/ $30

Contact to set up your session: 201-652-7601


Ilana Wolfe- Inner Butterfly Readings


Ilana Wolfe has shared the powerful wisdom she has gained from the butterfly with individuals, groups, children and adults for almost a decade. Her strong desire and years of positive feedback confirms that “Your Inner Butterfly” serves as spark for inner growth and awareness. Her greatest hope is that you will take away a gift to help you to spread your own wings and fly.


The Inner Butterfly Reading is an intuitive reading based on the patterns and images that appear in the butterflies wings. These pictures are formed from drops of paint colors on paper that are chosen by you in answer to seven simple questions.

Take home your own unique butterfly for future viewing and insights.

15 minutes $25

Walk ins only- first come first served