With Karen's sessions, you are getting more than "just Reiki" or "just massage".  You are getting over 20 years of skilled touch and a customized experience with full loving attention and support.  You are receiving Angelic help as well as intuitive insights and tips for living a more centered and spiritual existence.  You are getting her time, her focus and you are establishing a relationship.  Your time is well spent in Karen's hands and company. 

Reiki Healing

Tune into your body and tune out your busy mind.  Reiki is capable of bringing you into a deep meditative space~ that magical state is where all the restoring and rebalancing happens!  Reiki Healing is a deeply relaxing modality which is gentle, yet profound. It is performed clothed on a massage table with the practitioner’s hands lightly touching your body or hovering just above it, all while remaining connected with your energy.  It assists in bringing your body back into a peaceful and harmonious state.  To learn more go here

 $125/60 minute session, $95/45 mins.  Allow extra time after for discussion (includes chakra balancing)


Reiki Infused Massage

Karen is able to combine the beautiful depth of Reiki's  relaxation and healing with her amazing massage. Experience the best of both worlds; spiritual and physical!  While relaxing and receiving your massage, Karen will integrate Reiki along each step of the way.  Before you turn over you will get a heavy blast of Reiki and Chakra Balancing (and reading, if you so choose. First session complimentary, after initial consult will be extra fee) then again at the very end of the massage you will receive another heavy Reiki blast.  It brings the massage to a deeper, more profound level of relaxation that will leave you calm for days!  Because of the nature of this session, it's recommended to receive an 80 minutes session to get the full experience of each of the massage and the Reiki. 

$150/80 mins long {recommended length},  One Hour $125.  Includes chakra work

Massage Therapy

Receive a massage that actually feels like it’s doing something for your body!  Effectively deep, yet totally relaxing at the same time~ not a “fluff” massage, but not a painful one either.  It’s so refreshing to finally experience that perfect pressure massage!  Karen integrates Reflexology, Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy into her sessions, making each massage a unique experience. All sessions are concluded with a hot towel treatment. You will leave feeling totally relaxed and recharged.  Pre-Natal Massage Available.   

 $125/hour, $180/90mins (Swedish, Deep Tissue, PreNatal)

Chakra Balancing and Reading

We have 7 major chakras in our bodies.  They all vibrate at different frequencies and represent different parts of ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  When they are all in balance we are at peace.  To get your chakras balanced is to bring them into alignment.  With Reiki and Energy Healing Karen is able to help shift the energy and create a state of harmony.  With Chakra Reading Karen taps into your chakras and sees what it is that you are doing, or need to be doing in order to get or keep that chakra into balance.  You need to specifically request that you'd like for her to do this, as she only "looks" if she's been invited, in respect of your personal privacy. For more info about the chakras go here

$95/45 minutes for complete session (includes 30 mins of Reiki) Can be added to other sessions for $25 (additional 15 minutes needed)

Spiritual Seeker

Help grow and deepen your intuition and Spiritual connectedness through the power of Reiki Healing. Check out of the sometimes overwhelming human experience and tap into something bigger, more expansive and enlightening than our physical limits typically permit us to see or feel.  Session includes 45 mins of Reiki, a chakra reading report, Angel card reading and crystal healing.  

$111/about 70 minutes

Crystal Healing

Crystals can be used to calm or energize, to focus or to de-stress. Karen has a beautiful collection of crystals that you are welcome to pick from and utilize in your sessions, or have Karen choose them for you.  Some of us are more sensitive to energy than others.  When you consciously connect with crystals  you may feel their subtle vibrations, however whether you can literally feel a crystals vibration doesn't influence it's ability to have an effect on you!

Added to session for no additional charge

CranioSacral Therapy

Founded by John Upledger, this quiet and gentle modality restores balance to the body via the craniosacral system.  The practitioner gently follows the flow and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid by touching the head and body very lightly.  This gentle touch encourages the body to heal itself by dissipating the negative effects of stress on the central nervous system.   For more info, go here.

$125/hour ~ can be integrated into your session for no additional charge


Get your entire body addressed by a thorough foot massage.  Reflexology addresses specific aspects of your body through the foot!  It feels SO good to get such concentrated attention on all the ins and outs of your feet!  The corresponding area of the body is relaxed and blood flow increased when the practitioner presses on particular reflex points.  It's amazing how much tension we keep in our feet!  HAPPY FEETE is session where I blend Reiki with Reflexology; 40 mins Reiki and 20 mins Reflexology. Intensify your Reiki experience with the addition of Reflexology! Thirty minutes into your Reiki session, your feet will receive a concentration of Reflexology followed by another 10 minutes of relaxing Reiki.  You will feel lighter and brighter as your experience unfolds; tingling from your head down to your toes. 

Happy Feete Session $110 ~ Add on to another session + $20/15 minutes

Reiki Room.jpg

Reiki Classes

Learn to give Reiki!  Reiki 1 and 2 are each a day long workshop (about 9:30-2:30), or broken up over two evenings.  Reiki 3 Master Practitioner is one course, and Reiki 3 Master Teacher level is another separate course. Check out EVENTS page to see next classes being offered. Prices range from $150-250


Karen offeres a variety of classes/workshops on Spiritual and Metaphysical topics. (Crystals, Law of Attraction, Chakras, etc). Check out EVENTS page to see next classes being offered. Prices range from $15-80

Reiki Houseparties

Invite a few friends over and r e l a x and enjoy your time together with the help of Reiki healing!  If you'd like to add on a psychic, medium or astrologist please give advance notice so Karen can secure one of her gifted intuitive friends!  5 person minimum, host receives free session.  $45/per 20 minute session

House or Workspace Clearings

Does the energy in your home or workspace feel "off" or not entirely positive and light? Have Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Intuitive Karen Foote come into your space and refresh it energetically via Reiki, sound healing, and the smudging of sacred herbs. Session includes an Angel card reading. Cannot book this online, must call or email Karen to arrangePrices range from $75-150+ depending on time spent and distance traveled. 



In order to protect and respect my time, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. I understand that emergencies happen and of course am sympathetic to that.  However, if you have an appointment you can't keep and do not notify me, there will be a charge for 50% of the cost of your session.  It is up to my discretion to waive the fee depending on the situation or circumstance, however I strongly encourage you to honor my time and yours by giving proper notice in the event of a change in your schedule.  If you know that you are running late to your appointment, please be courteous and call or text me to let me know. If you arrive late to your session and I can't accommodate you for the extra time, it will be shortened to fit into the appointment's scheduled time and full payment will be due.