Past Life Exploration

It wasn’t until I was about 32 that I started wondering about past lives. I wasn’t raised to believe in them, having grown up Catholic. I remember my friends in college telling me I had probably been an Egyptian goddess and I laughed and shrugged. It wasn’t until I was knee deep in my spiritual awakening that I ever explored such a thing.

While taking a class on intuitive development we did an exercise where we worked in partners, helping guide the other and hold the space as the teacher coached us into a past life meditation. It is so interesting and curious—what will I see? Will I get anything?? How can I possibly know if it’s true?

I had no idea what to expect, hadn’t yet gotten any glimpses into possible past lives of mine (as I do now)… so I was wide open and curious and a little scared too. We set the intention to access a positive life so that we wouldn’t be upset by what we “saw” (or felt, heard, experienced).  Being a healer, as I am, it’s pretty much guaranteed that a lot of the lives I lived didn’t end so well. Fortunately, when we incarnate most of this information isn’t readily accessible to our conscious minds.

Anyhow, so I was in the meditation and the first thing I’m guided to do is to look down at my feet. Immediately I see that I’m walking in tall grass barefoot with a long swooshy skirt. There’s a sense of knowing where you are and what time period you are in, so when prompted by the guide you have an immediate answer. I felt like I was in the Midwest, kind of like during the “Little House on the Prairie” time period (1800s) and that I was a midwife. We were then guided to fast forward to a significant event in time, to which I was brought to after the death of my husband. When asked what lesson I am taking from that life, it was to know that his spirit was still with me and that I wasn’t alone. I knew that my husband then was also my husband now- despite differences in outward appearances from the members of our soul family who we regularly incarnate with, there’s a familiar soul recognition in the eyes of those you know and love. It’s the neatest thing.

Soon after this class, my husband and I took a trip to Oregon. Upon our return home, as I went through the pictures from our trip, I was stunned. There was a photo we took in one of those faces cut out things and there we were in that Pioneer time period, happily reunited as husband and wife. It really struck me.  Forever connected and learning and growing from each life we share.

I have since connected to dozens and dozens of lives mine. They each serve a purpose and help to grow us and expand us. Whether you go through a hypnotherapist to access this, a guided past life meditation or receive healing work that opens this up for you- it’s a fascinating topic to explore. It can help bring to light why the patterns that keep you stuck- or the things that ail you- exist. Getting such recognition often helps to heal and release these problems and offers an opportunity for you to grow as an enlightened being. To read more about this check out the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss. It’s a story about a psychologist who stumbled into past life regression and the stories he tells are pretty amazing. Please ask me any questions or comment below if you have any fun stories to share!


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