For your first session, please arrive 5-10 minutes early in order to fill out an intake form.  Come with your body clean and I promise, I will do the same! Please refrain from using scented lotions or perfumes.  

For a Reiki appointment by itself, there is no need to remove your clothes-- just your shoes.  You don't have to have any prior experience with energy work. An open mind is really all that is required (and even then, not an absolute necessity!)  With the Reiki Infused Massage, you will need to remove all your clothes- underwear optional. You will be under the blanket at all times and won't be exposed.  It is done as a regular massage is done, but the Reiki gets integrated throughout.  For best relaxation effects, do not come with a full belly or too charged up on caffeine! 

There is parking behind the building or on the street (bring change for meters).  Go in the front door and climb stairs up to the 3rd floor.  Prepare to leave all your stress behind because you won't be taking it home with you!