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Reiki 1 Certification

Sunday Oct 20 / 11am-4pm

(or call to arrange a one on one class; additional charge)


Are you being called to practice Reiki? Reiki is amazingly profound work and it is easy to learn! With this class you will receive an attunement, a manual and certificate as well a better understanding of Reiki, it's applications and history. You will be able to give treatments to yourself and others. Get ready to open up spiritually once you integrate Reiki into your life! It is truly a special gift to give to you and those around you!



Class Includes:

  • Overview of the Chakras

  • Manual and Certificate

  • An Attunement

  • Hands on Practice

  • the History of Reiki

  • Uses and Benefits

  • Guidelines and Techniques

  • How to Self-Treat and Treat Other



We will meet at my office space in Westwood. 63 Jefferson Ave, Westwood NJ 07675. There's a lot behind the building as well as on street parking (Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm 10 cents an hour). We go over the materials on the 2nd floor in the conference room and do hands on practice on the 3rd floor in my healing room.


Reiki 2 Certification

Sunday Nov 17 / 11am-4pm $225

(or call to arrange a one on one class; additional charge)

Intensify Your Reiki Practice!


Reiki 2 further propels you into the world of Reiki Healing! Come expand your knowledge of Reiki! Learn 3 sacred symbols and fine tune your sensitivity! This is an amazing class which really opens you up energetically to recognize the subtleties within your Reiki practice! Reiki Master Teacher Karen Foote has over 20 years experience in the healing arts. Space is limited, must preregister. $225


Reiki 3 Master Practitioner Class


5 hours long $300

For those who are looking to make Reiki a vocation. Get in even deeper with Reiki and learn sacred techniques to connect with the body and your own Spirituality in an even more profound way. This class is for those who are serious about their Reiki practice and have had a big commitment to it thus far. Must have a real working knowledge and serious understanding of Reiki. Ideally you will have been practicing regularly for some time and are looking to take it to the next level. Not just something to check off a list, but something you are committed to living and breathing! Reiki 3 is for those who consider Reiki to be apart of their identity and essence.  

Call Karen if you aren’t already an existing student to be sure you’re a good fit!

Professional Massage Class for 14 CEUs

November 23 & 24 in Westfield