Rebalance Reiki and Massage LLC opened in July of 2015, but owner and Spiritual Intuitive Healer Karen Foote's journey in the healing world began long before that.

Karen was introduced to massage from a TV show she saw at the age of 16. She began experimenting giving massages to her mom and soon she found herself giving out massages to about anyone and everyone, pretty much anywhere. She had no clue that massage therapy was even an actual career until someone at a college party (where she had a line of people waiting for her massage) told her that she should go to massage school. After looking into massage as a career, 19 year old Karen begged her parents to let her leave her sophomore year at Rutgers for a semester so she could get her massage certificate. They refused and told her that the deal was to finish four consecutive years at college.  In May of 2000 she received her Bachelors Degree in Sociology and in the same week as her graduation she began massage school at Healing Hands Institute in Westwood, NJ.  


In the fall of 2002 Karen got married to her husband, Greg. Shortly thereafter her mother fell ill with an autoimmune disease called Acute Transverse Myelitis. This disease prompted Karen to look further into ways to help heal her mom, or at least bring her some relief. CranioSacral Therapy presented itself to her at this time. This modality totally shifted her direction in the world of healing.  It taught her to sense the subtle vibrations of the body and to TRUST and rely on her intuition to guide her.

Two babies and seven years later, Karen took a few courses in Intuitive Development. This further propelled her toward the direction of Energy & Intuitive Healing. By the spring of the following year (2010) she decided to try out Reiki healing, not knowing how big of an impact it would make on her life. She practiced it regularly and was always in awe of the work and her experiences. The following fall her mom became ill from a complication of her disease and spent three weeks in a Rehab Facility recovering. During one of Karen's visits, her mom asked her for some healing work. Given this opportunity, Karen decided to experiment with "seeing" the chakras. Her experience was quite remarkable and forever impacted how she interacts with the body. Reiki and Chakra Work has since taken center stage and is where Karen wants to spend a majority of her time and focus. Whether one is sensitive to energy or not, receiving this work is extremely beneficial towards reaching a balanced and relaxed state. Imbalances present themselves while Karen tunes into the energy body. She assists in resolving them (as best she can, and in the highest and best good) and aids in bringing the body back into balance, sometimes partially, sometimes completely. Receiving any type of healing work from Karen is an incredible experience. One loses track of time and space and deep relaxation and restoration occur.