I came to Karen for a massage with Reiki. I was feeling very tired and emotionally drained. After the massage and Reiki I was at peace and very relaxed. I have become a returning client. In addition to the massage and Reiki she provided me with information on my chakras and provided a message from a loved one in spirit. She is great person and someone that I felt comfortable with. I have recommended her to several friends.
— Lorraine
Karen was amazing! This was hands down the BEST massage I have ever had! I did the massage with reiki and it was a truly unbelievable experience. I will definitely be going back and highly recommend!!!
— K.R.
My body was stressed and holding tension throughout my chakras. Karen’s skillful massage and reiki work helped release the blocked energy allowing me to feel nurtured and relaxed. She’s a gifted healer!
— R.G.
Too often we overlook the effects of stress on our lives, and get accustomed to feeling overworked, tight with anxiety and easily frustrated.  This was me for so long.  One day I finally kinda snapped, and went to see Karen.  During our session I was able to completely let go of all my negative energy and found my self surprisingly relaxed and calmed afterwards.  Now I’m a regular.  I find the positive effects of Reiki carry me through my day in both obvious and subtle ways, and allow me to be better focused and more patient.  Karen has a special ability to truly tune in to what you are feeling that day, and connect with you to help relieve any type of pain, both physically and mentally.  She treats each client very personally, with attention to what you need at that moment.  Sometimes I don’t even know myself whats wrong!  But I know I can see Karen, and without doubt will feel better afterwards.  I encourage everyone to try it and see for yourself.  You’ll be happily surprised to see how clear and relaxed you were meant to be. 
—  ~Anyssa
Karen is absolutely amazing! I leave a session feeling so grounded and centered. I am able to return to my day feeling a sense of clarity and weight off my shoulders! The juggle of work, school and taking care of two young toddlers can often make me feel a bit overwhelmed and easily distracted. After a session with Karen, suddenly I can focus better at tasks at hand whether back at the office or battling dinner and bedtime with the kids! I highly recommend EVERYONE try Reiki. I was a skeptic until I tried it myself and now I’m hooked!!!
— Anna L.
I was connected with Karen a few months ago by a friend who thought Reiki would help with anxiety. At first I was skeptical but after my first session of Reiki infused massage I was calmer and more centered. With Karen’s help I have become more in tuned with my body, heart and mind. Being in her presence is truly a gift!
— Laurie
I felt relax, clear headed and overall peaceful. My focus both at work and home is a result of the calm and peace I feel after a session. The Reiki sessions I have with Karen enables me to relax which helps to clear my mind and handle life in a more calm and positive way. I find Reiki enables me to deeply relax, more so than any other treatments I have tried. I leave Reiki feeling relaxed and clear minded allowing me to be more calm and present which makes achieving goals and tasks throughout the day less stressful and more enjoyable... With regular sessions and including meditation or other forms of spiritual practices, you can begin to change your behavior and thoughts in more positive way. Overall, I feel more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.
— Eileen
Karen Foote is truly a one of a kind healer. I was new to Reiki when I met Karen and she has taught me so much about myself. I absolutely love being in her presence. She shines with peace, patience and healing. She is amazing at massage and a true Reiki master!
— Jody
Karen is a gifted Reiki Master, who tunes into her clients and guides them to a higher awareness. During her sessions, I felt all my negative energies dissolve, and a renewed spirituality and positive vibe pushing me toward a better quality of life! She truly has a healing gift, which transfers to her clients! After my sessions, the energy stayed and I felt a calm and clarity like never before.
— Diane Carbone
“When I met Karen, I was instantly drawn to her energy. Being a highly empathic person, I needed to do something with my energy! I love helping people and I just knew Karen was the mentor for me. I became very interested in Reiki a few years ago when I was struggling with severe anxiety. I was working in sales and needed stress relief. I decided to book a session with Karen and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I felt afterwards. I felt calm, clear minded, and I felt as though I completely connected with my higher self. I even chose to get certified to practice Reiki on others and of course chose Karen as my teacher! I truly believe that the world needs more Reiki and the time is now. Reiki and energy healing has changed my life for the better and anyone who wants to feel more connected to their true, authentic selves should hire Karen ASAP! You will not regret it.”
— Stephanie Clark
Right from our first meeting I felt very comfortable and very welcomed. The energy that Karen brings to a space is so warm, caring and peaceful. I had been reluctant to try Reiki because of a past bad experience but learning Reiki and receiving Reiki from Karen has been amazing. She is incredibly intuitive and really connects with you. Whatever service it is you decide to get from Karen, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy Healing!
— Dineen
I’ve come to trust Karen’s work as a must-have for clarity and focus on my work. She helps me stay centered when my plate feels too full, and helps me stay grounded when I’d like to tune out. She’s incredibly caring, strong and has an intuitive gift to help people head out into the world and do their best work. She’s a gift.
— Sarah
Last year was an extraordinarily stressful period with work and I decided it was time for a little self-care. I committed to seeing Karen once a month...and I can’t tell you how I looked forward to receiving Reiki and reflexology! I felt so comfortable in her care that I found myself falling asleep every visit. The sessions gave me the internal calmness/peace I needed and allowed me to get back to my work environment feeling more focused. With each visit, I felt like I was getting stronger and stronger and more capable of dealing with life’s pressures. I would highly recommend Karen and believe she could be a valuable asset on both a personal, as well as professional level.
— Carrie Ralston
Karen is amazing, her energy is beautiful and her hands are magical! You will leave her office refreshed, grounded and ready to meet the world! I highly recommend her services!
— Carissa
I usually show up to my Reiki appointments with Karen feeling stressed, scattered, and hectic. I always leave after my session feeling grounded, centered, calm and buzzing with good energy. Reiki with Karen has become my reset button- helping me to return to a state where I can be more present and productive, both personally and professionally.
— - Kristen Guerrero
I Can’t say enough wonderful things about Karen. It has always been hard for me to relax and feel at ease. Karen just makes you feel like you are part of the family, like you just belong there. I truly miss her and her wonderful massages, our talks and our friendship that evolved from my monthly massages. I truly miss her!!!!!
— Trudy, Manahawkin
My session with Karen helped me to be in the Now! Being present and removing all of the day to day, work mind chatter was the part that was truly relaxing. My session was a process where I started out one way, full of thoughts, and ended in another, calm and introspective. This allowed me to go on with my day with a lighter feel.
— ~Sandra
My wife Celeste and I have had the good fortune of having Karen Foote as our masseuse and spiritual friend over the last several years. We’ve experienced her use her abilities in ways that amazed us both. From reiki, to massage, and beyond. Her hands we always said were magical and we believe that she has been given an amazing gift, one we were lucky to receive.
— Jim
I’ve known Karen for too many years to count. She is my ‘soul-sister’. But she’s also been my go to for spiritual/physical healing. I’ve watched her use her abilities in ways that amaze me. From reiki, to massage, and beyond. Her hands are magic and I would highly recommend you see for yourself! She has been given an amazing gift, and we are lucky to receive it
— Marlena
I cannot recommend Karen enough! I am so grateful to have met her and experienced her gifts up close and personal! She is destined for great things! Her sweet demeanor to her on target intuition make her one of the best reiki masters I’ve been privileged to work with. It was because of her that I set out on my own journey to become a reiki healer. She is the best and I hope you decide to give her a shot, you won’t regret it, I promise!
— Erin R. Santa Rosa, CA
I first had the pleasure of meeting Karen at a yoga class. I was excited to find out that she was a massage therapist, as I had a shoulder and bicep injury that was responding very slowly to physical therapy and Chiropractic treatment. After a series of visits with Karen and her magic hands and Reiki healing powers, my shoulder felt completely better. Furthermore, I was never sore after my sessions with her, a bonus! Karen is one of the kindest and most genuine human spirits I know... Those of you who can be treated by her are very fortunate indeed.
— Patrice Wright Manahawkin, NJ
I met Karen about two years ago, from the moment I met her I felt that I had known her forever! She is a caring, honest and kind person. When I heard that she had practiced Reiki, I was very interested! Karen was the very first person that I ever received Reiki from and I was a bit skeptical at first. After my experience, I was amazed! The way that I felt was something that I never had expected. Karen made me feel so at ease and my entire body felt completely painless. Because of Karen’s enthusiasm of Reiki and her professionalism, I have a very sincere interest in this field... She has impacted my life in an extremely positive way & I am forever grateful for meeting her. Thank you for giving me the wonderful experience of Reiki!
— Nancy, Manahawkin NJ
I have been lucky to experience the talents of Karen in massage therapy. The environment Karen has created is so peaceful, it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. I live in California now & have come to base all my massage experiences against the setting and expertise of Karen. She creates the total package from the ambiance to skill level she is truly one of a kind. I find that Karen truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances - mind body and spirit. She is dedicated to her profession and I’d recommend her without hesitation.
— Erin Rosenstock
I found out that Karen did reiki and massage and I was intrigued. I gave my husband and I reiki massages from Karen for Christmas a few years ago and we were hooked. I loved the power I felt when she was working on me and the connection she gave me to my father who had passed away before I had met her.
— Angela in Manahawkin