Small Glimpse of My Life as a Healer

Being a Spiritual Healer can mean lots of things. One thing I love most about what I do is connecting in a real, authentic way with my clients and students.

There’s no room for fakeness or public faces in my healing space. You come as you, no hiding.

It’s a safe space for people to ask questions that they are afraid or intimidated to ask in other company. It gives people the chance to share their own private experiences in dealing with personal things that border on the “weird/crazy” or otherwise unbelievable. It’s also an opportunity to just let go and receive healing energy without any guards up. I love that I help to create that space.

My Reiki clients trust me with their minds, bodies and spirits—not something I take for granted. I am humbled to be entrusted with people in a most vulnerable way. They lay down and surrender – if only for an hour or so. I love helping people to connect back to themselves and to really calm down and step away from their busy minds and stressed out bodies. While connecting to their energy I am able to smooth out kinks and just chill out the system. I’m in a meditative state and sometimes I might stay longer in certain areas that require more work. My clients might report back to me that I lingered longer over an area that was bothering them or was the site of a past injury. There are times that I feel a busy energy, or a stagnant one, hot or cold or simply just a need to stay put till a warmth or pulsing subsides. I am the conduit to the healing energy, I am not directing it. I am holding the space and am also the witness.

Over time my psychic abilities have strengthened, and I am able to “see” things while working on my clients. This can range from seeing darkness or sensing denseness in areas of sickness or congestion, feeling my client’s ailments in my own body, getting pictures in my mind or hearing messages. It’s amazing work that grows stronger all the time. Sometimes a crossed over loved one might make an appearance and give a message, or an Ascended Master (like Jesus) or Angels. I am privileged to have this connection and awareness. I can discern the feel of the different energies and it’s so cool. I am always humbled and awed when experiences such as these occur. Inevitably, when I witness and interact with these energies there’s something my client needs to hear; a message which I am sure to deliver. While tapping in in this way, it can be almost dreamlike so I make sure to jot down everything right away onto my handy notebook so I don’t forget any details when delivering the message after the session is complete. Such visits are unpredictable, so I can never make a guarantee that something like that will come through. However, I am always able to tap into the 7 major chakras and get information from them. I see pictures, get a message and a general feeling from what I am picking up on when “looking” at the chakras. It’s basically a summary of the current energy my client is going through.

My workdays are never boring and are always very fulfilling. It can still be “work” though, and I don’t always want to leave my house to go do it- but I am always happy once I’m there, connecting with my clients or students! Together we are gaining awareness and are building a strong spiritual community where we can be real with one another and connect in an authentic way! Improving ourselves, and as a result, the world around us, a little at a time.

Karen FooteComment