Some Cool Stories of Healing

In the past few years I've had some pretty neat experiences within my healing work. I thought I should write down a few of the ones that stand out most strong in my memory...

This isn't so much a story specifically, but something worth mentioning I think. The "sparks" I'd see and the tingling I'd feel doing some of the quieter work just sorta began happening somewhere around 2004 I guess. I really don't remember. Some clients would confirm the tingling feelings/buzzing like sensation of vibration, others wouldn't. I figured it was energy releasing and healing taking place and I was comfortable with that. The sparks I didn't know what to make of- I kind of thought maybe it was energy shifting or releasing, but I didn't know. I mentioned the "sparks" to my friend & teacher Janet back in 2009 during a Theta Healing class and she said that they were Angels, right off the bat. Then she said "wait a minute" and got quiet, closed her eyes and communicated like she does when she's connected w/ God, opened her eyes again and said more clearly "Yup. It's Angels". :) I thought that was pretty cool! I had no idea I was working w/ anyone! I love seeing sparks, I think it's awesome. I see them randomly sometimes out of nowhere, other times when deep and quiet in a session I'll see them as well. They aren't always white, sometimes they're pink or blue. Different colors mean different Angels. I'm still sorta new at it, but I'm always excited to see it even if I don't always know exactly who I'm spotting- I feel supported and know I'm not alone! :)

After the first Theta Healing class I was WAY opened up and learned to trust in what I "got" and to believe in what I "saw". Part of the Theta Work is to connect in with the person and witness the change that they want to happen (psychically). Immediately after taking the class, I think it was a Monday morning, Gregory (my then 4 year old) somehow stepped on a teeny shard of glass. He was crying and freaking out, I looked at the bottom of his foot and all I saw was a teeny dot of blood and could tell it was a glass like splinter in his foot. My husband ran off to get tweezers and bandaids and I held Gregory's foot in my hand and did the command for the piece to come out now and psychically witnessed it (while my hands are over his foot and my eyes are closed). I swear to you, when I opened my eyes that teeny shard was sticking RIGHT OUT of his foot, barely in it all. Greg returned and I pulled out the last bit of it! Of course this happened when the skeptic husband was out of the room! He didn't see it, so he doesn't believe it! But I did, and I do! That splinter was flush w/ his foot, even w/ tweezers we'd have had to squeeze and pull, there was nothing to grab-- but the work I did on him had it out! I was amazed and blown away! I knew it happened!

By the next week I did a session over the phone w/ my sister in law. I didn't know the root of her problem, we were making our way there w/ the belief work. At one point both of us were intensely quiet and I kept hearing in my head "I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm with you". I told her, "hey ___, God wants me to tell you that he's with you" and I repeated what I heard in my head. She like gasped. It was all a very cool moment for her... At this quiet space she was reliving a moment in her past where she was at rock bottom in a closet and questioning of God was real and if he was with her. What makes this even cooler is that while on the phone w/ me she wanted to assure that her kids wouldn't wake up so she closed herself in her current closet to muffle her conversation. It was all a very full circle kind of moment. She told me this and we both cried. It was so cool. Here she is now back in a closet; remembering her low point years earlier while closed in a closet contemplating if God was with her. And God is here now, telling her through me that yes, he is with her. We were blown away. This is one of my favorite stories.

I gotta get back to this again in a bit...... time to run off to Karate! Andrew got his Orange Belt yesterday!! :)