Signs from Spirit

Not everyone realizes that Spirit communication is a two-way street. Sure, Angels can help us in extreme times of need, but for the most part they are on stand-by, waiting to be invited in, respecting our free will. If we ask for help from the other side and beyond, we receive signs in acknowledgement. They can range from numbers on the clock or license plates, orbs in pictures, bumper stickers, lyrics of songs or pieces of a passerby’s conversation that stand out, feathers, coins, cloud formations in the sky, etc. All you have to do is ask, allow and receive - and trust those nudges, hints and whispers. When I was new on my spiritual journey I learned this and began asking the Angels and my spiritual team for help and happily, my prayers and requests were answered.


One day I was looking for something I had misplaced. I forget what I was specifically looking for now, but I remember the experience clearly. I had kind of thrown my hands up in defeat and said “Fine. Angels, please help me find this!” Immediately afterward I felt as if I was being pushed from behind, in a gentle, guided sort of way (as if one finger was in my middle back just directing my forward motion). I found myself in the room by the garage, then opening the garage door and ultimately the trunk of my car – with the lost object now in full view. I laughed out loud the whole way, like “um, okay—where are you taking me?” It was such a confirming experience of “ask and you shall receive”. Our guidance is right there if we are in an open enough state to ALLOW and LISTEN.


Another time I was connecting to my crossed-over paternal grandparents. I knew they could hear me and I did feel connected, but being a typical human, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something more concrete and tangible to prove that they did hear me. I asked for a sign that would be unexplainable and clear enough that I couldn’t dispute it. Later that day I came home to find my clock (small desk clock on my bookcase) turned 180 degrees, it’s back facing me. I also discovered the knob to my space heater a few feet away from the unit. These were two very clear signs that couldn’t be explained away. I did try though- I asked my young sons if they’d been in my massage room (a room they didn’t normal play in unless I was present) and they said no. They aren’t mischievous kids and never lie, so I believed them. This sign from my grandparents was so tangible! A few years later the same thing with the clock happened in my new workspace and I just smiled inwardly and said “Thanks” out loud, knowing my grandparents were acknowledging my success.


A few years before my maternal grandmother passed away I began feeling a strong connection to her husband, my grandfather. I came to believe he’s a Spirit Guide of mine, as we’d never known each other in this physical life. Somehow feeling his connection manifested in the appearance of dimes. So, whenever I saw a dime I knew he was with me; guiding me and supporting me. Once my grandmother passed, I began seeing pairs of dimes everywhere. It was the coolest thing. One remarkable occasion was on their wedding anniversary, which also was my grandmother’s birthday. I had moved a bunch of bags and shoes from the front door to clear a safe path when a client arrived. (This was back when I used to work out of the home with small children. That itself was memorable because it was an embarrassing mess!) Upon walking my client back out after her session, that same spot where I’d cleared a pathway were two dimes right in the middle of the floor. No one had come through from the time of her entrance only an hour before. I was so happy to see my grandparents message for me. Another time more recently, I was preparing for a talk at the local library and was unloading my crystals onto a table top and when I turned back to unload some more there was a dime among them just sitting there all shiny and happy. I just shook my head and thought “Gramma! You’re awesome! Thank you!”


Crossed over loved ones, Spirit Guides, Saints, Angels and Ascended Masters are always here to help us. It’s very validating when we connect and ask for signs and then receive answers in a variety of ways. It assures us that we aren’t alone in this human journey, that there’s something bigger at play. Receiving these signs gives us perspective and comfort. We all have the ability to connect, no matter who you are or what you believe. All you need is an open mind and the humility to ask for help.


Karen FooteComment