When Weird became Normal


When in massage school I didn’t assume I’d end up as a psychic healer. Not once was that even a consideration. I enjoyed watching “John Edward” and read Sylvia Brown’s books, read up on ghost hauntings and astrology, but never did I think that realm would become my “normal”. When I was taking a class in CranioSacral therapy back in 2006 a classmate approached me with a small rose quartz crystal. She had that glazed out woo-woo look in her eye and said “I feel compelled to give you this stone!” I kind of chuckled to myself and thought “okay, weirdo!” but graciously accepted it and stuck in my pocket with a shrug. There were some people in that CranioSacral community who were weirdo crystal angel people and I stayed away from them. Little did I know I’d become one! Lol

Somewhere a few years into my massage practice I started seeing “sparks” while working on my clients in my dimly lit room. I thought it was peculiar. I saw it with my actual eyes, in the vicinity within where I was working, usually above or around my clients’ bodies. I reasoned it must be energy being released in some form off the body. I didn’t know what else to think it was. When I took my first intuitive development classes several years later I asked my instructor about these sparks I would see. She replied quickly with “oh, that’s Angels”. Then she said “wait a sec, let me check” and she closed her eyes and cocked her head to the side; which I’d learned meant she was listening to Spirit, and then opened her eyes brightly and said “Yup. It’s Angels.” What the what?

During that class we spent some time holding crystals to feel their energy. I never knew such a thing existed. Sure, I knew people liked crystals but didn’t think they had healing properties or anything else to offer. But I accepted that we were doing exercises where we tuned into the energy of the stones, so I sat with one at a time and was surprised that I immediately got impressions of how they made me feel. Some tingled up my arm, made me feel lighter in my head or heavier in my feet, adjectives popped into mind, etc. After the exercises we read out loud what we “picked up on” and our descriptions matched up with what that stone’s healing properties and uses were. I was floored! How could a rock have energy and help with healing?

Honestly, I kind of don’t really understand it on a level in which I can explain it other than saying their energy interacts with and influences yours. The fun part about crystals is that you are drawn to what you need. You don’t have to “know” anything about them, but if you are drawn to a specific one over and over again, you need it. Hopefully you can find out what type of stone it is so you can research its healing properties. 100% of the time it relates to something you need at that moment. It’s amazing stuff.

I started collecting stones in 2009 and have practically run out of room for them all! I buy crystals in bulk and give them out to and educate people about them all the time. I also regularly teach people to connect with their Angels (all you have to do is ASK for their help. Out loud or in your head, it’s all that is required! That along with gratitude and acknowledgement when they do show up and help you out).  I am so grateful to include these aspects of Spiritual assistance into my life- it makes life easier and more fun. I’ve become that weirdo crystal angel lady and I’m so glad to be on this side of the woo.

Karen FooteComment