Star Wars Party

We just got over a party weekend at our house. Yesterday we had Andrew's friend party and today we did the family party. Andrew's friend party yesterday was a costume party, and he wore a Jango Fett costume while Gregory was Darth Vader. I drew up a Darth Vader for a "Pin the Lightsaber on Darth Vader" game, made bean bags and cut holes out of a box which I wrapped in Star Wars paper and we had two "Death Star" pinatas (one for each party). The pinatas are tedious to make, but satisfying and ALWAYS fun. I found some goofy glasses and I covered the eye holes with tape and we used them instead of a bandana to cover the kids' eyes when they did the "pin the..." game and pinata. It was so funny to see them in such crazy glasses!

Typically we do two family parties, one down here with my in-laws and then we head up to North Jersey to celebrate with my family at my parent's house.
Since my family is so big and most of them are up North it makes more sense for me to bring the party to them. They rarely visit me here because it's a 90 minute trip and no one's ever "passing through" besides the occasional beach goer during the summer. I asked them all if they wouldn't mind taking the ride down here for Andrew's birthday and they were all okay with it. I did feel a little bad though because the cost of gas is so high right now and we just did Daylight Savings... but oh well. They all came and it was a good time!

It was exciting to bring our families together, I think the last time we did that it was Andrew's baptism! It's fun for the kids to see both sets of cousins together! Greg's brother is married and has 3 kids, 2 almost the same ages of our guys plus a 2 year old. My very best friend Marlena came with her husband and their two daughters- so there were 18 kids total here!! Fun! Crazy! Chaos! And lots of love... it's just so refreshing to be around family, especially since we all honestly love and appreciate each other! :) Both sets of Grandparents weren't at the party because they're BOTH in Florida till later this month (snowbirds!), but Greg's Grandma (aka; Nan) represented!

I love any excuse to bake (as I've already made clear) so I was excited to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for Saturday's friend party (they were DELICIOUS!) as well as Star Wars sugar cookies using William's & Sonoma cookie cutters. Icing them was a bit of a pain, of course, but for me it's a labor of love. I have fun doing it! :) The cake for the family party was iced to look like "Jango Fett". My family are Star Wars buffs, I knew they'd all appreciate it (even though it was for Andrew and his new found passion for all things Star Wars). I sincerely love doing this stuff. However now, after two parties and about 7-10 days of prep work, I'm T I R E D!!! :) I look forward to going to bed tonight.