Seeing Auras!

Today I was at the gym and after my run I was sitting on the ground by some mirrors and stretching. I looked up at one point and kind of noticed a royal blue color wisping around me. It's strange because in the past (and currently) it's more of a "sensing" of the color, but this time I also got an actual hint of it in plain sight! That was a first! When I looked again I got that sensing feeling of blue around me (not so much the obvious to the physical eyes like I had the moment before), and I also saw white light coming into the top of my head really faintly in like a funnel type way. That white light reminded me of a narrow tornado and it extended up as far up as I could see in the reflection (several feet up to the ceiling and beyond I imagine).

Like a year or so ago I was in the same moment of my workout, post run/cardio and was sitting by the mirrors and noticed what is called the "ethereal" layer of the aura. It looked like a clear buzzing of energy coming off of me, surrounding me by like a half of an inch. I liken it to how heat coming off of a barbeque distorts the images around it, like they're melting or smearing a little bit. I just find it so refreshing that these things just pop up- I wasn't trying to see anything, but there it was!

I have played with seeing auras, but haven't gotten too far with it. While waiting at the airport for our honeymoon, I bought a book on seeing Auras. It sat on my bookshelf for a LONG time. I picked it up two years ago and after doing some of the exercises I was able to see my own aura coming off of my hand. There was also a time at a Theta class where we did an exercise on seeing auras. It was all about trusting the impression you get. One of the classmates stood up against the wall and we all just kinda looked at her for a bit. After some time we compared notes and everyone (I think, at least 90%) of the class all came up with the same color- and the same hesitation. We all "got" that her aura was green, but most of us doubted that impression because the shirt she was wearing was green, too. It was funny how we all interpreted and doubted the same way!

Still this stuff is kinda sorta new to me. It's evolving and changing with time. I look forward to spending more time and getting more practice with these new found abilities. I enjoy realizing how much more there is for me to find out about and experience... There's a lot! I feel like I'm just at the tip of the iceberg!