What's Ahead??

I am trying to figure out what is blocking me from figuring out what's next for me... I know I love healing work. I just don't which direction I'm going in. Or how to pursue it once I figure it out! I know I need to meditate and that will be helpful in finding such answers and guidance... but for some reason I haven't made it happen yet! I've meditated a few times, but I haven't begun to make it a regular practice. It's weird. I know that I'm scared, but I don't know why! Which direction will I end up choosing? What skills will I end up developing? All of it sounds good to me, I just don't know when or how I'll decide on what's next!

I recently have read "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss. I always have believed in past lives, but now I am fascinated with them. When I was 13 I turned to my then best friend and said "don't you feel like, 'oh no, here we go again! 13!!' " and she responded with "stop talking like that Karen, you're freaking me out!" I had a feeling I'd been here before. I was often told by people that I was very mature and grounded for someone my age. I believe I've had many lives and I do see the world kind of differently - I think because somehow I've retained and accessed some of that wisdom I've accumulated over the past millenia or so!

After really thinking about this book and the benefits of self-examination of lives through time I might even want to go into Past Life Regression as a modality to offer my clients! It can help to clear up old issues and lessons that they keep having to learn and change how they live and view their lives. I also know that I have a gift of communicating w/ the "dead" (I use quotes because they're not really dead- just their old bodies are! Their spirits are alive and well!). I can sense their presence and I am able to describe how they appeared in their most former life. One time I even heard a distinct accent and was sure to point it out to my client-- it was an important validation for her. It mattered.

I want to find a way to integrate all these things, as well as my hands on healing abilities. Just the other day a friend of mine injured her thumb and had to keep it wrapped for 10 days in an ace bandage. I just held it in my hands for like 10 minutes or something and did energy work to it, which basically consists of me holding it, moving around as I'm guided to different spots, recognizing heat and pulses (and when they occur I wait and let them do their thing). It wasn't long and I didn't think much about it. When I saw her again a few days later I asked her how it was feeling (totally forgetting I even worked on it) and she said "Karen. The next morning the pain was gone and I couldn't believe it!" I was stunned! Happy and impressed, but really, I had no attachment to it (and that is key) so much so that I even forgot I worked on her! I was just asking to ask, I noticed she wasn't wearing the bandage so I was curious.

I love that I am able to assist in these various ways and look forward to expanding on them. I just don't know what exactly the future holds for me- the when and the how of it. But that's okay, it will formulate into something. I'm confident of that much. I just need to burst through this stagnant bit and keep on chugging forward. The answers will present themselves to me in a timely manner at the pace I need. Next Friday I am taking a one on one class with a woman who's a Medium and she's gonna guide me on the Medium path! I look forward to it! It's all unfolding as it should, but at times I do get freaked out wondering how I'll make it all happen!