Cookie Fantasy...

I've been thinking about how much I absolutely LOVE making cookies. I am wishfully thinking how I would like to run and operate my own cookie business; "Karen's Cookies". Maybe like one of those food truck things... Karen's Cookie Truck. I can serve coffee, hot chocolate, milk and other drinks as well. Maybe even some confections like fudge and toffee, or poundcake and fruit & nut breads/muffins as well... I dunno. It's fun to fantasize. :)

There are SO many favorite cookie recipes that I like to make, but only get to do most of them at Christmastime. If I could find any excuse to make them all on a regular basis I would be thrilled. It's creating something from scratch and sharing that joy with others. But to just make them to make them simply isn't healthy. What good is it for me to have a fresh batch of cookies to consume every week? I just don't have the will power to resist cookie dough or fresh cookies! That's why I want to make them, and give them away! How fortunate if I can make a profit from it, too!

I have a running list of cookies in my mind that I really want to bake again help clear my head I will write that list now! (After writing down a few, I decided to write down all my favorites just because. :) )

~Vanilla Scones A new recipe from Pioneer Woman and I haven't made it yet. It's not quite a cookie but equally appealing. Haven't found a good reason to make them, but soon will I hope!
~Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies Another new one, thanks to Pioneer Woman. I'm excited to try it soon!
~Biscotti I make this at Christmastime and sometimes I dip the bottoms of them in melted chocolate. I usually include almonds in the recipe and I love the subtle Anise flavor in them, too. So yummy dipped in coffee!
~Chewy Molasses Cookies a cookie I usually wait till the Fall to make because of the ginger and cinnamon in it. Just has that Fall kinda taste to it, but they are SO good and SO chewy and soft. I love them. They are easy to make, all ingredients get plopped into the food processor in one step. That's Gregory as a 13 month old having this cookie! His first official cookie ever!
~Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies again, more Christmas stuff. They don't need to be a Christmas cookie, but that's when I whip them out. They are so easy, too. And so satisfying!
~Oatmeal Cookies I use my mom's recipe on this one. It's good, they've got the perfect chew factor happening! I do make these more regularly, usually when we just buy a new container of rolled oats. I typically go without raisins, but with them is good too!
~Chocolate Cookies with White Chips I actually JUST made these a few days ago. They are perfect. Soft, chewy, kinda plump and fluffy almost. Sort of reminds me of a brownie acting as a cookie, I love them. A memorable time eating them was after the Pearl Jam concert with Ari last May. We were starved, it was late and we just chowed down two of them w/ a glass of milk. Nothing could have hit the spot more perfectly!
~Nestle's Chocolate Chip Cookies Nothing can beat this staple. I make these chocolate chip cookies once a month, at least. They are a constant around here!
~Sugar Cookies w/ Icing These are one of my favorite cookies to make. I altered my mom's recipe a bit and came up with my own. She never iced them, and I find that the icing keeps them soft and tender and of course adds a different (sweeter!) flavor and texture too. They are always a hit and fun to make with the kids (so long as I'm in a patient mood!)
~M&M Cookie/Brownie Bars These aren't cookies but rather more like brownies since they are in bar-form, but it is fun and oh so delicious. It starts out as one batter then you split it in two; the bottom layer becomes like a regular brownie and the top layer cookie dough with M&Ms instead of chocolate chips. These are fun to make and taste awesome!
~Chewy Brownies There's a brownie recipe I use that calls for chocolate chips mixed into the batter. Sometimes I put walnuts over 1/2 of the top, too. They are the perfect brownie as far as I'm concerned!

Phew. I feel better now just getting that out of my head! Of course I like to bake pies and cakes too, but not as much as cookies. Between family parties and holidays I do my best to vary it up by making different types for different occasions... but I still don't bake as often as I'd like! That's why the idea of "Karen's Cookie Truck" isn't a bad one! But I don't know how serious I really am about this fantasy. Something to keep in the back of mind for now at least! :)
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