This past Friday I took a one on one class with a woman who does Reiki work, Angel work and Mediumship. Back in December I met her at an Angel workshop and we immediately clicked. Since then I've been to several of her classes and workshops. I realize that I have this gift of connecting with those that have crossed over, but wanted to know what to do with it- tips, guidance, wisdom. I wanted her mentoring so we arranged this one on one class a little while ago. I was excited and curious about how it'd go.

At first we just talked and I shared some of my experiences. It's been less than a year since I've been "getting" Spirits regularly and consistently. After we covered some basics she said "okay, now you're going to give me a reading!". She explained that prior to my arrival she connected with specific people from her life who have passed and asked them to show up and work with me so I could practice. We did a little meditation to get me connected and more open and immediately I began describing her Uncle. She gave me pointers on HOW to communicate with them. In the past with my clients, when a Spirit would show up I would just sorta acknowledge them, let my client know that I "saw" them and maybe there'd be something I "heard" and passed on, but I never directly questioned the Spirit or directly conversed or attempted to communicate with them! I was always just in awe and shock that I was describing somebody important to my client at all - it didn't even occur to me that I could do more!

So as our session continued, I proceeded to describe and tell some poignant facts about the various important people to my teacher. She said "tell them they can get closer to you so you can see them better, tell them to speak up, ask them what their message is, ask them how they passed". With her different direction, prompts and guidance I was able to get information from them that she (once I was done) would validate for me! Half of the time I got the names wrong but she said that's not uncommon and they can be hard. I got the letter "M" for a woman's name right, and one of the names I got completely right! Descriptions of death were right, or how I described what I "got" totally made sense to her. The details of their appearances and their energy/personality were right too.

I cannot even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me!! To have a teacher get excited by what I told her is just awesome. :) To know that I wasn't just making this all up is even better. The messages she got were meaningful for her and she was grateful! Now I don't think I'm as nervous to practice on new people, so long as they are willing and open I really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! I'm not looking to try to sell anyone on changing their beliefs because I simply am not interested in expending that much energy. If they believe, great- send them to me! I'm not a sideshow act and I'm not looking to convert anyone or prove anything. I'm just happy to share this gift, practice it and perhaps even enlighten people to the fact that there is more to life than this life. That life goes on after physical death! I'm happy to be in the position of being a conduit! I am truly grateful and excited to gain more and more experience. I am ready. :)