Reassured by Jesus Part 2


As you may or may not know, I'm looking to open a yoga and meditation studio in my downtown. I shared with some of you the "Jesus Van" story back in June (to hear that story, go here). Now again, early August 2019, I have yet ANOTHER story of Jesus’s support.

There's been a long pause in the process of the yoga studio bc of the demo and also town meetings, applications etc. It just now seems like things are finally gonna start moving again- which is great. However, it stirred up some anxiety on my part of ALL that I need to do...

I was processing this reality of "oh shit, I'm gonna have to do a LOT of work in these coming weeks/months" while walking my dog yesterday morning. All of sudden she pulled hard to cross the street and backtrack like 15 feet. It was peculiar, as if she heard fireworks and wanted to get home fast. But then she stopped and did her usual sniffing... while standing around letting her sniff, I looked down and saw this.


In the dirt, otherwise nothing else around. As many of you recall, I had the "Jesus Van" story happen 2 months ago in June, and also on that initial day back in March. Here He is yet again!! Talk about reassurance. This yoga space is bigger than me, and I know that. Jesus just wanted to remind me of that yet again. And to let me know he has my back. Holy moly. Thank you Jesus!! It just takes all words away when something like this happens… you’re just left awestruck. Amazing.


Karen FooteComment