Reassured By Jesus on the back of a van


So, back in February I had just learned of an opportunity for me to take on a space in my downtown for yoga and meditation. (I wasn't even REALLY looking for it, just sort of stumbled into it; divine orchestration if you will!). Well, after looking at the property and meeting with the landlords I was extremely excited and almost sort of numb with awe. I walked my dog around the block when I returned home and this white van drove by me that had a pic of Jesus on the back window. I took that as a positive sign and as a sort of wink from Jesus that I was on the right path!

Fast forward to early June.. I went back to the space to see it again with the landlords (now post-demo) and when I arrived the Jesus van is parked right out front of the building. NO JOKE. I was dumbfounded and in awe, yet again! Are you for real?! I live and work in this town and have NEVER seen this van before, and here it is yet again. I don't like to say "oh my God"--- but OH. MY. GOD! Talk about reassurance!!

I just love stories like this and here I am experiencing one.
God is good!

I feel so supported by this whole thing and even more reassured about it!! The opening date of the studio is still a long way off bc of construction, so I can share more details as that develops... but for now, just WOW about this whole confirmation!!

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