Abstract Imagery

While connecting with my clients, I am able to receive messages clairvoyantly. This is something that developed over time and I'm now able to rely on it as part of my chakra readings. When receiving images, I do my best to understand what they mean by how it makes me feel, what I'm shown and what I hear clairaudiently. Sometimes there's room for error in interpreting these messages. Mostly I am able to convey the message through the images I'm given, but last week I had two incidences where what I said to my clients wasn't immediately understood, so I backed up and delivered the imagery exactly as I saw it and when they heard that, it made more sense to them.

In one of the client's, when I was at the heart I saw a whitish material which reminded me of mozzarella cheese before it is balled up. The feeling I got was that there was a buffer between her and a loved one. I then stepped in to interpret it as if the spouse wasn't hearing her or "getting it" in some way- that there's a gap in their communication/undestanding. When I delivered this message to her she said her husband passed away over a decade ago. I hadn't picked up on that, but she said she feels him close by and communicates with him regularly. So I described the imagery to her and concluded that him being in Spirit could be how I saw that buffer; that squishy place between them of the ethers of him being in Spirit and her still being in human form. The next client is having marriage difficulties which I already knew about. When I got to her heart it appeared like she'd been shot through it, although it was clear and open, just like a hole where you can see straight through to the other side. In the image, she sort of looked down at this open hole and had shock on her face. My brain twisted that to being stunned by hurtful words, perhaps by others. She shrugged off that assessment, but when I told her about how I perceived the image- she resonated directly to it.  

It's important to deliver the messages as clear as they come in. Often our human self will twist and analyze experiences - interpreting and perceiving things through our own filters-- psychic healer or not! These two sessions helped to highlight that lesson. Our minds can overanalyze and interpret when the answer is simple and right in front of us. I do my best to share the whole picture with my clients so that the messages can be delivered as clearly as possible and will continue to do so.  Each day we grow and learn, a never ending process! I am so grateful to have open and willing clients to experience this together with.