The Wind was Calling Me

Back many years ago I realized I had a connection to the wind. I could connect with it and it'd respond. I thought it was just something normal, until I asked my friend matter of factly "you know how when you need a breeze, the wind will blow?" and she just was like "" 

Well, I'd forgotten about this. At least it wasn't in the front of my mind as a way that I connect with the elements. The last few days (weeks?) I've been getting the nudge to start waking up at 5am to meditate. Back when I was really developing my intuitive senses, I’d heard again and again how others development grew rapidly once they made a commitment to a meditation practice. That that’s where the real power comes from- when we get still and allow the inner voices/voices of guides, etc. to be heard. So about 5 years ago or so I was very good about rising early and I learned that I LOVED that magical time of day. I would meditate nearly every morning and it really impacted me.

Life can get in the way, we make excuses, we get lazy. I advise people to get into a meditation practice, but then don’t follow my own advice. I meditate here and there for sure, and I consider my Reiki work a direct plug in to Universal healing and love energy, so I’m vibing pretty high normally—however, that intentional meditation time has been lacking lately. For the past few days I’d naturally wake up at 4:50 or 5am and think “hey- here ya go! See, you’re waking up, go meditate!” And I’d roll over and resist… try to negotiate with myself, “well maybe if I lay here with the intention of connecting it can count?” and I know it’s a lie, but it’s one I tell to myself. With the school year beginning in a few days I wanted to be lazy and put it off until at least next week when I HAVE to wake up early anyway.

This morning the wind called me… insisting I get on it. I woke up just a few minutes before 5am to a big blast of wind blowing in my face. I lowered my curtain and check the time. I literally laughed… thought “oh, wind! You’re waking me up so I go and finally start up my regular meditations again!” and right on cue, the wind blew even stronger, making my wind chimes outside get even louder. I gave up resisting and came downstairs to step back into that old familiar ritual of my early morning magic. The click click click of the gas stove, light a piece of sage and palo santo, then put on the kettle to heat some water. Settling in to get quiet with myself. 30 minutes easily slipped by and I was back to that familiar buzz of energy coursing through my body after I’m able to quiet the mind. Why do we resist this connection? It’s so funny how we are. I am glad to be back. Early morning Septembers have such a refreshing energy behind them. I hope you are able to connect and appreciate them too. 😊 Here’s hoping laziness and resistance don’t get the best of us!