Some of what I've Seen

Over the last few months I've seen lots of cool things when working on my various clients.  While tuning into a higher frequency with Reiki, or even just with a deep state of relaxation while performing massage (and tuning out the monkey mind chatter) I am able to drop the veil between me and the Spirit world.  Things open up to me.  I see images of people, Saints, Angels and even animal totems.  While in this state I can also "hear" (clairaudiently) messages for my clients as well. More recently Auras and Chakras have come through and how they appear and what I hear about them helps guide me to what needs to be balanced in the body and even perhaps what emotions need to be released or addressed for optimal health and function.   

I have a posse of Saints & Angels that assist in my healings, I've come to know them and am always grateful when they show up for a session.  :)  They've been coming around for so long now I actually forget when they first appeared.  However, in the past few months I have seen Saints (or holy people up for canonization) that I don't otherwise know and when I research what I "saw" I find exact matches.  For instance, I saw a religious dude from like the 15th century w/ a big blue hat.  That's all I knew; I saw the hat and it felt like the 15th century.  So I Googled a few words (which key combo it was I can't remember!  But it was specific only to that one result of many that I tried).  Eventually I found him!  Thank goodness for Google Images!  He was a Jesuit (the 2nd Jesuit to appear for my client in a month!) and his story was meaningful for her.  

In the past year I've also had a few past life exercises/regressions/memories.  One was done through Brian Weiss's CD and another time I had a friend/mentor guide it.  Occasionally I'll dream of past lives, or there will be moments when I kind of get a flash of a memory while in meditation  or even in a wakeful state.  I go into time periods that I don't otherwise "know".... You get a feel for the time period, you just have a knowing (claircognizance) of when you are.  During this experience you can look at your feet, hands and even a mirror to connect w/ the body that you are visiting.  After some experiences I have Googled whatever it was (once it was 1920s women's boots, another time little girl fashion of 1860s) and I find what I saw in my regression!  It amazes me.  It's so cool.  :D 

When my mom got pneumonia in November this past year I visited her at the rehab/recovery place.  She really appreciates it when I work on her, whatever modality it is that I choose.  At this particular occasion I decided while I was doing an Energy Session on her I'd attempt to "look" at her chakras.  In the past I had dabbled with that- believing in what I got but it wasn't a "thing" yet for me.  Well, this time blew my mind.  I had never seen chakras appear this way.  My mother is disabled and in a wheelchair.  When I got home I researched the various chakras and what they mean when they appear this way and that.  They all reflected different aspects of her disablities and the emotions that are intertwined with such limitation.  I was intrigued.  Again my mother is a big teacher for me!  As hard as her disease has been on her and all of us, it has taught me SO much in the world of healing and I'm forever grateful.  After that I began to really focus at and look at chakras with a lot of my clients and my one regular client and close friend, Kate in particular.  With her they were consistently the same size, etc session after session.  She typically had one really big and bright one and one kind of small and dull.  In April we went to a Mind Body Spirit Expo and they had Aura and Chakra photography available.  She got her picture done and it showed the chakras exactly how they always appear to me!!  Talk about validation!!  I was floored!  :)

All of these experiences have been very validating and affirming for me.  There are many many more now and it never ceases to excite and amaze me!  I am sure I'll never get bored or stop being amazed by it all.  :)  Nothing feels better when you trust your intuition and it rings true and is meaningful for the person you are working with.  I feel so fortunate to be practicing this work!  I am fulfilling my life's purpose and it feels great.