My Guides Make Their Presence Known

Back in the fall, I had several different confirmations from my Spirit Guides of their presence.  When the kids began school again I got into the habit of waking early, meditating, and then going off to practice yoga or run @ the gym by 6am.  This deliberate habit of connecting in with meditation really brought my Spirit Guides near.  When practicing Reiki their presence is felt as well, but the meditations were special because it really was just me and them.  I've come to know them as my posse!  Over time it just became regular to expect to "see" and feel them while in that meditative or open state.

My main two guys (Spiritual Guides/helpers) are Padre Pio and Father Mychal Judge, but there's a whole crew that I can tap into~ all holy people who are Saints or will soon become Saints.  During the early morning meditations I began seeing a new guy to the crew.  He looked like a Buddhist Monk, although I didn't know his name.  In a short amount of time, probably within the span of one or two weeks all my "peeps" seemed to need to make their existence more real to me by showing up in my physical world in various ways.

I can't remember it in detail now that it's a few months later, but I think it was the first incidence when I was flipping through a Reiki magazine that I hadn't gone through in a while.  It was so crazy, b/c I turned a page and BOOM. Padre Pio's pic was the ENTIRE page for an article about working w/ Spirit helpers.  It stopped me in my tracks.  It was like "oh, Hello!" :)

The next time, a few days later we were at a Fire Prevention thing with the local firehouse.  While milling around in the big gathering space I looked up and ~ again ~ BOOM.  Father Mychal Judge smiling at me from 9/11 poster on the wall.  I was floored!

The following weekend Greg and I were in NYC for our anniversary.  We stopped at a museum that was exhibiting Himalayan art from early Buddhism time period.  While there, I ended up in front of a statue that I soon realized was the new Spirit guide who had just been shown to me!  He didn't have a name, but according to his posture and description he was a Master at Meditation!  I thought how appropriate that THIS guy is a new Spirit Guide of mine with my now regular practice of meditation!  It was awesome and amazing. 

These three experiences were such validation for me that yes, in fact I am connecting with these Spirit Guides.  It was their way of winking at me and confirming that yes, this is real.  :)