Tapping into Chakras

Lately Chakras have become a big focus of mine during Reiki sessions.  I started noticing them a little more than a year ago.  More recently though, they've gotten more attention from me and I began getting clearer messages from them.  It is really neat.

Sometimes when I tune into the chakra it doesn't spin evenly, or isn't as bright as I know it can be.  When looking at the chakra and noticing how it's irregular I'll often hear why~ I get the message of the emotion tied to what the source of the dysfunction is.  "You need to speak your truth" "Speak from the heart to be better understood" "You need to take time out for yourself" "It's okay to let (significant other) in".  When I deliver these messages to my client they always seem to resonate and make sense of them.  I've worked on my best friend and told her stuff I didn't otherwise "know" about her~ I told her what I got from her chakras and she totally understood and could further explain it.  I love the validation I get-- I know that I don't need it, I am the conduit and am there to assist and deliver... but my ego sure does love to know that I am making sense and am being helpful!

Sometimes I get metaphorical images within the chakras.  Once a few weeks back I was working on a woman who was hesitant to trust and let in her new boyfriend.  She had a bad breakup in a previous relationship and was guarded about letting anyone new in.  When I got to her heart I saw a green diary w/ a lock on it.  I asked (in my head) "Can it open?" and then I saw it open up, the pages were torn out- held up to the sky where the turned to flames and vanished.  Then the diary closed back up again and looked all sparkly and new when it nestled back into her chest.  The meanings of these images are so neat to me- especially since I've always had a thing for dream interpretation!  The diary image was so clear, let go of the past and wipe the slate clean.  Ready for a fresh and bright start! Oh, and in that image I also got the handing over of the key to new boyfriend!  That it was okay to let him in!

A while back I worked on a gentleman who was holding a deep resentment against his wife and his heart appeared as a GIANT tough and tight knot.  Like a boat's knot- that's how BIG it looked.  I was floored!  Another time I worked on a skeptic who really doesn't believe in much of anything like this and his crown chakra appeared to be locked shut with multiple locks, padlocks, chains, etc.  That too amazed me, especially since the Crown Chakra is what connects you to the divine/your spiritual self.  As a matter of fact, when I first got initiated into the world of psychic healing, we did an exercise to open our crown chakras... I actually felt dizzy and like there was a literal opening at the top of my head!  I felt wonky and my environment immediately felt different to me! :)

When the chakras are open and balanced it brings one back into an even state of being.  Letting go of issues, clarification on what we may be holding back or denying, or are not yet even aware of.  I love that people are trusting me with their minds, bodies and souls.  It is such a privilege and I do not take it for granted for even one second.  I love bringing people into peace, harmony and awareness.  I am grateful for my dedicated and loyal clients and look forward to all that is ahead of me.