So it's been nearly A YEAR since I wrote last!  Wowee.  But it's funny b/c I just reread my last entry-- I was right.  I needed time and the opportunity to grow this gift, TRUST in it... and eventually that time has come.  That time is now!! :)

Since last May I've had many validating experiences with clients and it feels so good.  I've also read some good books and follow some neat blogs.  I thoroughly enjoyed some of Wayne Dyer's works; most especially "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" which I listened to during my dogwalks in the winter.  It is about the Tao and Lao Tzu; author of the Tao.  During this time, in the quiet moments of my morning showers I began "seeing" an image in the rain textured glass shower wall of what I likened to a skinny Santa Claus; I thought maybe a Spirit Guide or someone else was presenting itself to me.  I didn't know.  The face wasn't familiar to me.  Triggered by my interest in Wayne Dyer's book "Change Your Thoughts...", a few weeks later I ended up getting a different book on the Tao.  After reading a few pages of the intro, I opened to a page and saw that dude from the shower's face!  It was Lao Tzu!  I was like "Holy Sh*t!"  I was truly amazed that I had seen him before I knew what he looked like! 

Some of the learning and growing of the past year included going out of my comfort zone.  In December I was guided to begin a Spiritual Discussion Group.  My need to connect with others locally who "get it" and understand Spirituality (and all that encompasses) with the same passion as I do was so strong that I decided I needed to create that safe haven for such candid discussions.  Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone~ I really was kind of scared and uneasy about putting myself out there so publicly!  But I knew I wanted to get the ball rolling. It was something I'd been thinking about for a while.  Once I decided to move on it the opportunity practically fell in my lap!   I almost couldn't believe how easily it all came together!  I am continually grateful for all the supportive and excited people who share this passion with me!  It's all unfolding in perfect divine timing and I'm SO grateful.  :)  :)

So I look forward to more posts ... there's a lot of exciting stuff happening to me in the psychic/intuitive healing world.  I am definitely less apprehensive than I used to be, I know I'm not crazy and that what I'm seeing and connecting for people is real!  I'm not afraid to talk about my gift with others as I was before!  That alone is exciting.  :)  I've come a long way... and there's so much more to aspire to, too!  :D  Yay! :)